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Jumbo Machigai Esagashi Pal, April 2023

In Eiwa Publishing Co., Ltd.'s Jumbo Machigai Esagashi Pal, April 2023, I drew illustrations for two of the problem illustrations and the message corner.

The first is spring flower fairies.

Blooming Colorful Fairy
Blooming Colorful Fairy

I had a lot of fun coming up with the costumes.

Can you guess what kind of flower fairy it is?

Second, the pretty girls who are idols.

Singing and sparkling stage
Singing and sparkling stage

I also enjoyed painting the costumes.

The theme of the Otayori corner was "Speaking of spring...".

Otayori corner

I think it is cherry blossoms! That's why I made this illustration full of pink.

Check it out if you like.


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