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Animals putting letters in the mailbox

Please feel free to contact me for work requests and consultations.

Before Contact Me

  • Please be as specific as possible, including details of your request, size, number of illustrations, colors (RGB/CMYK/1C/2C, etc.), delivery format, schedule (​sketch, coloring, approval and revisions, final delivery of the Illustration, etc.), and budget.

  • Copyrights are not transferred.

  • Reuse or use in other media, additional fees will apply.

  • Additional fees may be charged for major changes or multiple revisions.

  • ​After the submission, the cost will be charged even if illustrations are not used. If the order is cancelled during production, a price will be charged depending on the progress.

  • I do not accept requests for no compensation, competitions, or extremely low fees.

  • I accept requests from individuals depending on the content. Please enter your business name in the "Business Name" field. Please enter your social networking address, etc. in the "URL" field.

  • After submitting your inquiry, please make sure you have received our auto-reply e-mail.

  • I usually reply within 2 days. (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays)

  • Please note that I may not reply to solicitations or advertisements. 

Media Used
Repurpose, Secondary Use
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