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Happy New Year 2024

Thank you for everything last year. Best wishes for 2024!

Clip art of rabbit and bear looking at aurora borealis
Winter Greeting Card

This year, as a thank you for the New Year's greeting card, I sent a cold-weather greeting card with this illustration printed on glitter paper.

I want to create lots of fun, sparkling, and cute works of art, and I would like to challenge myself to try new things.

I hope to accept consultations from overseas, transcending language barriers.

At the end of last year, I was given the opportunity to draw Christmas illustration of Pusheen, a super cute American-born cat. I was so happy to be surprised & honored by the job!

Stickers available on the App Store have been downloaded in the U.S., Europe, and other foreign countries.

Kawaii Panda Stickers
Kawaii Panda Stickers

Kawaii Cat Stickers
Kawaii Cat Stickers

Kawaii Bunny Stickers
Kawaii Bunny Stickers

If you think it is "kawaii," I am very happy.

I will do my best for new works and updates!


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